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Knock em dead with these babies!


Meant to be worn daily by someone who is in the spirit of loving the mysical and mysterious nature of the univers. 


Sterling Silver

Fair Trade Rutilated Quartz Stones 

9.9 - 12.3 mm x 10.23-12.2 


Every piece is unique and uniquely made. This unique jewellery is meant to inspire empowerment in all things that are "imprefect", "flawed" and "broken"yet. Because these are the things that are "perfect", flawless", and "beautiful". 


Rutilated Quartz Studs

  • I am merely a tiny person with a tiny torch who makes the tiny beautiful pieces of jewellery.  Please know I would rather fix it than get it back and I would rather have our agreements be clear than unkind.

    30 day return policy on pre-made jewellery

    Non refundable deposits on custom jewellery

    All sale items are final



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