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toadally jewellery bookings are an opportunity to experience the magic of custom jewellery. The goal is to make a meaningful and beautiful fine jewellery piece that speaks to your unique personality and vibration.

Note from the Maker:

toadally jewellery is hand made with intention and focus These hand made pieces use ethically sourced and recycled materials. toadally is proud to encourage healthy practices through the embodiment of primitive jewellery techniques. We are always excited to make something for you.


"Jessica included me in the creative process every step of the way.  She let me choose stones meaningful to me, custom ordered a charm in for me, and sent pictures every step of the way. I can feel the love that went into this work, and I wear this piece feeling confident and empowered! ~ LOVE, Lary Smith

"I have commissioned many jewellery pieces from Jessica. She adds so many details into her pieces and even customizes the packaging. The quality of her work is awesome and she stands behind her designs.                                              Teri Kay

I love you so much and you are a shining light that definitely helps us just figure our shit out. You're supporting us like a watering can supports seed growth. Grateful for you to appear in my life.


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